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Gamified application


Extensive experience in developing games, mobile and web applications helps us create high-performance solutions using the most advanced technologies and gamification mechanics

UX optimization

UX optimization

Focusing on UX (user experience), we provide software optimization and automation of business processes, which improves performance and effectiveness of your company

Custom solution


We can create a product tailored to your particular needs. Our solutions are always trendy and effective, as we always keep an eye on the industry

Have an idea for a new application? We can help!

Solutions we worked on

  • E-commerce systems

  • Helped develop a referral ad network

  • Mobile applications for stock trading and Forex

  • Improved retention and monetization in gaming applications

  • Designed UI of dozens web-sites and mobile applications

  • Successfully handled the load of millions of daily users

  • Social network for commercial research

  • Ported desktop and web-applications to mobile iOS, Android and Windows

  • Published apps to platform-specific stores like AppStore, Play Market, Steam, etc.

  • Application that worked with cryptocurrencies

  • Highly efficient system of data collection and analysis

  • IoT (Internet of Things) applications

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Our clients

Why choose us

Years of hands-on experience in developing games and business applications helps us find and use innovative solutions and provide unique expertise in every key domain.

  • Full-stack development

    Our expertise covers all stages of the development process: creation of technical documentation, programming, UI/UX design, QA (quality assurance), project support and maintenance

  • Security and guarantees

    Our solutions comply with industry standards of business processes quality. That helps us consistently complete meet our client’s needs. You’re always informed about our progress and the status of your project. We are available 24/7.

  • Our technologies

    Unity, C#, C\C++, Objective-C, Java/Android, HTML5, Unreal Engine, Ruby, PHP, Cocos 2DX, Marmalade, Flash AS3, Starling, Air.

  • We're focused on your needs

    Your expectations and needs are the starting point for everything we do. Our aim is the development of high-quality applications that will significantly exceed your expectations!

  • High performance

    Teams are comprised of specialists of various profiles who are individually picked for you in the shortest time possible, which minimizes your overheads and management expenses.

  • Key platforms

    Android, iTunes, Facebook, VK, Windows 8 Phone, Browser based.


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