IT staffing and R&D

We establish R&D centers for our clients, integrate developers into existing workflows, and ensure smooth operations.


Who needs IT staffing and R&D?

  1. Companies that already have an in-house team but that can’t meet growing needs
  2. Software producers, publishers, and other companies dealing with software products that don’t have their own development department or that rely on external resources
  3. Companies seeking to establish their own R&D centers in Ukraine

Our offerings

  1. Recruitment
  2. Team formation
  3. Dedicated team management
  4. Establishment of legal & financial structures


How it works

IT staffing and R&D - Our offerings

How can you benefit from staffing services?

Fast access to talent

Our presence in four cities allow us to set up or extend a team of engineers quickly.

Quick and easy to add or remove talent

If you no longer need an employee, within two weeks we can halt cooperation with them and provide a suitable replacement if necessary.

Easy administration

We cover all hiring processes, contracts, payroll operations, employee retention, team setup, and management.


We complete full teams within 2 to 4 weeks. meanwhile, you can start with only one expert on board. As your business rapidly evolves, we can migrate your dedicated team to a high-grade remote R&D office so you can scale even faster.

Long-term partnership

Your dedicated development team members work for you full-time. As part of our long-term cooperation, you’ll form personal connections and strong working relationships. As our developers get to know you and your business better, you’ll be able to leverage their skills even more efficiently and in a wider context.

Cost reduction

When hiring a dedicated development team, you only pay for the time that developers spend on your project. We cover candidate search and recruitment, expensive software, hardware, and office space.

Our team’s skill set

Our team is proficient in a range of technologies and is constantly improving their skills to effectively extend and scale client products.


Web development

Backend development:
PHP 5.7, Yii 2, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Codeception, Laravel, Python, Node.js

Frontend development: JavaScript, AngularJS, React, HTML5, jQuery
CMS development: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento

Cross-platform development

C#, ASP.NET, Unity3D, C++, Cocos2d/Cocos2d, Marmalade SDK, Box2D, Qt, STL, Boost, Windows API, Microsoft Foundation Class library, Objective libraries, COM library

iOS development

Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Touch framework

Android development

Java, Android SDK

Database development

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

Blockchain development

Ethereum, Solidity

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