iLogos Dev offers 3D mapping development services to a leading location-based company


HERE is a global provider of digital mapping solutions. The company produces digital maps, content, services (APIs and SDKs), and applications that enable experiences for leaders and clients. Their solutions let anyone harness the power of location-based services and create innovative solutions that improve the way we move, live, and interact with each other.

HERE was looking for a team to create a plugin that would connect its Next Gen Map technology to the open source Blender tool. This plugin had to be built with designers in mind to help them easily use Blender features over the map directly into the editor.

As our client’s team was limited, they wanted to target companies with considerable experience in 3D, gaming, and realistic design.


To сope with system constraints and achieve the outcome our client wanted, we considered several development approaches and then got our client involved in picking the best option. Since there was no technical documentation about the project when we started, our team began by learning all about the code related to 3D maps and creating a technical design document.

Having determined our development approach and created a technical document, we proceeded to building the solution.

We went with a modular approach to build a bridge between HERE Maps and Blender. Because it’s modular, this solution can easily be extended to other 3D editors like Maya using the same connection protocol. We applied an interactive data streaming approach to forward mapping geometry to Blender online. This was the best option since the data set was too big to be exported all at once.

The solution we developed is cross-platform and can run on the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Value delivered

The new tool, Bridge, benefits HERE designers by enabling them to work in a familiar environment – the Blender 3D editor. Now it’s possible to create and edit map data right in Blender. This makes dealing with map materials more efficient.