iLogos helps a US startup launch a private business network quickly


It’s challenging for producers to find skilled crews. This is particularly the case during massive events and conferences. Not having the right people in the right place is a recipe for disaster. But thanks to the PrePro production network, finding the right people is no longer a problem.

When Myke Bryne reached out to us, he already had some design concepts and requested a designer to expand his team. Since Myke had to meet increased demand, it was essential to release an MVP version of PrePro as soon as possible. So we set up a skilled team of developers right away to define the project architecture.


First, we assembled a team that consisted of two backend and two frontend developers, a UI/UX designer, an iOS developer, and two QA specialists. To meet the project timeline, we decided to apply Scrum, an Agile framework, to manage overall product development. This approach allowed us to provide deliverables every two weeks and enabled Myke to directly influence the development process.

Considering that the system had to offer a significant competitive advantage, we selected the most up-to-date frameworks: Yii2 for the backend and ReactJS for the frontend. These technologies will allow the system to evolve in terms of scalability and performance. Our team integrated the solution with third-party services for weather forecasts, payments, maps, calendars, and more.

As PrePro runs on both web and mobile platforms, our developers had to solve synchronization issues to ensure that no data is lost and that all changes are available immediately on all devices.

Value delivered

Our efforts resulted in significant time and cost savings. The MVP has been released and has already received a couple of updates. It allows our client to research the market and easily enhance his current solution with additional functionality according to market demand. While Myke is looking for ways to improve the PrePro network, producers are already benefiting from the basic version by:

• finding crews more easily, as PrePro searches producer networks for the most relevant local contacts;
• being able to find a crew even if there’s no one working in the local area, as PrePro uses its extended network until contacts are found who can refer local crews to producers;
• saving time on finding crews, since the PrePro referral system with easy sharing of contact information can efficiently find referrals from people who producers know.