iLogos Dev creates an engine for an efficient multi-platform trading app


Xtrade is a recognised leader in online trading with years of experience and a global presence. The Xtrade platform has everything users need to become effective traders. Its intuitive multi-asset trading app includes full-featured functionality, real-time charting with all the leading technical indicators, and extensive trading tools. It features an advanced graphical interface, quick transactions and deposits, full activity reports, intuitive navigation, and customizable alerts.

Xtrade is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. It’s difficult and expensive to support three independent native apps, though. That’s why Xtrade wanted a powerful cross-platform solution with full-featured functionality that wouldn’t decrease trading efficiency.


It’s essential for traders to see relevant data and for that data to be updated several times per second. None of the existing engines allowed Xtrade to develop a multi-platform trading app that would perform at such high speed. So we suggested developing a custom engine, and our client agreed. The solution consists of two parts:
1. A native part created in each platform’s language. This is an app that contains WebView to download content, works with third-party libraries, etc.
2. A core created in JavaScript. In reality, this is a website adapted to work within a mobile app.
Using this new engine, we released tablet and mobile apps for the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Value delivered

Our work created a sequence of valuable outcomes for our client’s business. Both Xtrade and their users will benefit.

The custom engine lets our client take advantage of:

– a similar core for each platform, allowing them to develop and add new features quickly by making changes just once;
– the ability to add new features without needing to upload a new version of the app to stores (only the core is downloaded and updated);
– no restrictions to design complexity.

The ease of supporting this app will reduce our client’s overall expenses.

The new Xtrade multi-trading app lets users take advantage of:
– fast and efficient CFD trading with real-time charting and extensive trading tools;
– a mobile frontend that’s fully aligned with Xtrade’s browser-based platform, allowing all users to have the same opportunities regardless of platform.