Apocalypse Hunters

The exciting collectible card game based on the location-based navigation platform.


Apocalypse Hunters is a location-based mobile games company. They’ve developed a location-based navigation platform that works with different IPs and Arts. The company won a prize from the European Space Agency for mixing geolocation with game mechanics.

Our client looked for the help developing the new collectible card game (CCG) based on their location-based navigation platform.


We used the Unity 3D engine for this game to get a cross-platform mobile application. Using our client’s game documentation, we created artificial intelligence (AI) bots and other game mechanics.

To improve the gaming experience, we created and implemented many visual effects (VFX) in the game, including rain, lightning in the cards, and lightning for actions. We also prepared documentation for the client on how to add our modules to the location system engine.

Value delivered

  • The Android and iOS versions of the game are available in the app stores.
  • The game achieved high popularity in the early days after release.
  • The customer is satisfied with the current version and wants to develop it in the future.
  • We successfully ported the game to alternative platform