Puzzle of Love

The porting process of popular match 3 dating sim


OnMedia is a company with lots of experience creating successful casual games for web platforms. Our task was to port a successful web game to a mobile platform and create a WebGL version of the game to play in mobile browsers.


We used the Unity 3D engine to create a cross-platform mobile application. The mobile version ended up being more optimized than the original web version. We maintained the uniqueness of the original game, using the original configurations of the web application in the mobile game.

Our designers created an improved version of the UI/UX according to the features and requirements of mobile interfaces. Besides, we changed assets in the mobile version essentially and implemented a secure high load backend application.

Value delivered

  • The cross-platform mobile application is available for a global audience on the landing page.
  • The Android version of the game is available in the Google Play Store and was quite popular in the early days after its release.
  • The WebGL version is available on the test portal and shows good performance.