Blink (Elastic Media)

How we used machine learning for the eSports industry.


Elastic Media is now Blink, a pioneering mobile-first eSports platform. Blink tapped into our expertise in artificial intelligence and deep learning to unlock the value of gameplay videos for all players. Blink makes watching eSports as interactive and personalized as the games themselves in order to excite and unite gamers worldwide. Our client needed to complete their team with two senior Python developers who could modify their existing artificial neural network.


We have provided two developers for our client within one month. They developed functionality that analyzes video streams of eSports games using the neural network and collects information about games in the client’s database.

This system is self-learning, so its results improve over time.

Value delivered

We provided highly qualified developers with relevant backgrounds in a short period of time. With their help, our client developed new modules for their system and extended its functionality.