Gamification for the large distributor.


ERC is a distributor of electronics, computers, and office equipment with offices in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, and Uzbekistan. As a large company, ERC is always open to innovative business approaches. In this case, ERC asked iLogos Development to provide gamification for one of their processes.

We had to propose a solution that would

  1. motivate ERC partners to increase their sales;
  2. provide a comfortable way to share information between the company and its partners.


As a first step, we discovered all our client’s business needs over the course of several sessions (skype calls and meetings). After that, we took some time for brainstorming, and as a result, we proposed developing a cross-platform application for partners and a web application for ERC managers (like an admin panel).

The application for partners includes a simple task tracker with a progress bar. When a user has finished a task, they receive some game points and level up in the application. Users can exchange points for real rewards such as discounts on electronics or tours of Europe.

Value delivered

We provided an instrument for ERC that will increase their corporate productivity.