Generation Connect

Perfect website for sending emails with congratulations.


Our client, Rowan, asked us to develop a product that would be used as a digital time capsule. For example, it could be used for

  1. congratulating people on their anniversaries;
  2. celebrating a baby’s birthday;
  3. remembering other significant dates.

This product would be used by various audiences, so it needed to have a simple design, strong protection for user data, and several payment methods.

Rowan already had mockups for the new website.


We began by asking questions about the business logic and technical requirements. Based on what we learned, we made some changes to the mockups, decided on a payment service to use, and started development.

For the frontend, we decided to use React because it provides a nice result when you need to interact with users without refreshing the page.

For the backend, we used Yii 2 and a Rest API to connect with React. We used Braintree for payments because it supports payment methods including PayPal and credit cards, has a simple admin panel, and comes with a nicely documented API.

Value delivered

We developed a service that can be used by anyone. It connects families and provides functionality that makes it an awesome present for relatives. Our client received

  1. an admin panel for changing rates, managing users, and editing texts on the website pages;
  2. a powerful email notification tool that notifies users about payments, fees, and so on;
  3. a backend architecture that saves money on file storage by integrating with Amazon Glacier, keeping AWS costs lower than they would otherwise be.