How we developed a service where developers can earn money only by publish their CV.


Our client decided to produce a job opportunities website. She has been working in IT recruitment for more than ten years and knows exactly what employers and employees need when they’re using a job website.


The main ideas for the new website were simple:

  1. A candidate should earn money when their CV is downloaded
  2. Searching for a new job should be anonymous
  3. Employers should pay only for real, high-quality candidates

We started from mockups and documentation. Our client had lots of expertise in hiring, which is why we were able to develop the UX with an understanding of users’ needs.

When all designs were done, we started development. We chose Laravel as the main framework because of its flexibility, lightness, and speed. For the GetITPaid website, we developed an admin panel with functionality for:

  1. managing users, payments, and content;
  2. visualizing statistics;
  3. configuring notifications, and more.

We also integrated the PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, and Fondy APIs so that users can choose the payment service they want.

Value delivered

We delivered a high-performance website on a modern PHP framework that helps IT specialists and employers find the best opportunities.