PrePro stage 2

New changes for the project, new challenges for iLogos Dev team.


Prepro is a web service for video and photo production teams. Six months after the initial launch, our client decided to improve Prepro by changing the logic, revamping the user interface, and adding new features. All these improvements meant so many changes to the service that Prepro stage 1 and Prepro stage 2 are truly two different web services.

If you want to read our case study about Prepro stage 1, you can find it here.


We had to make lots of changes to the existing code while at the same time keeping the existing functionality as much as possible. As a first step, our tech lead worked with a project manager to review the project architecture and build a development plan. After that, we wrote user stories for the new components and made changes to the existing documents. Here’s some of the new functionality that we had to implement:

  1. Drag-and-drop management of call sheets in the web application
  2. Ability to convert call sheets from web pages to PDF files and let users preview new PDF files before publishing
  3. Synchronization with Google and iCloud contacts so Prepro users can add friends and colleagues to the service with one click

Value delivered

We developed a new version of Prepro that’s designed to be better than LinkedIn for photo and video production teams. You can download the iOS app here.