Promo games for marketing

We create promotional games for marketing companies, brands, and media holdings that want to drive attention and traffic via alternative marketing channels.


What is a promo game?

A promo game is a custom branded game aimed at capturing the attention of potential customers, allowing them to interact with a brand, and making them far more likely to spend money on products. Promo games are built on proven game mechanics. They help businesses to increase customer engagement and reach business objectives faster – increasing the customer base, raising brand awareness, and boosting revenue.

Benefits of using games in your marketing strategy

Promo games for marketing -

How the magic happens

  1. A client sends a request for proposal to create a branded marketing game.
  2. We discuss the brand’s target audience and the goals of our client’s marketing campaign.
  3. We suggest game genres and content for the marketing campaign.
  4. We create a delivery plan and approve it with the client.
  5. We sign a Time & Materials contract to develop the marketing game.
  6. We receive prepayment and start the project.
  7. The client receives updates on development according to the plan.
  8. To help our clients better understand campaign results, we integrate analytics.
  9. Once the game is created, we publish it to the requested platforms.
  10. Our client can integrate their game with other marketing products to improve and multiply its performance.

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