Software Development Solutions

iLogos Dev offers full-cycle development services for web, mobile, desktop, and consoles. Our designers and developers have the expertise you need to create a fully fledged, stable product of any complexity.


Who is this for?

  • Small and mid-sized businesses without their own development departments or with teams whose capacity is limited and for whom it’s a challenge to develop new products quickly
  • Funded individual entrepreneurs and early-stage technology startups seeking to test their ideas in practice

Full range of software engineering services

Mobile app development (iOS/Android)

Objective-C, Swift, Java

Web app development

PHP (Laravel, Yi), Python, Java, Erlang

Desktop app development

C++, C#

Development for game consoles

Unity, Unreal

Cross-platform development and complex solutions

JavaScript (React Native)

Our software development process

Software Development Solutions - Full range of software engineering services

We apply software development best practices

  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous integration and automated builds, deployment, and testing
  • Portable, scalable, and self-documenting code
  • SOLID and KISS design principles
  • Internal coding conventions
  • Regular code reviews
  • Agile methodologies, charts, and boards
  • Business requirements, functional specifications, and design
  • documents in a common project database
  • Industry-leading task tracking tools
  • GitLab and GitFlow

Advantages of developing software solutions with us

  1. We create professionally designed and developed software that runs on almost any platform.
  2. We cooperate to build a product that brings value and money in its first version.
  3. We offer cost-effective growth and maintenance services.

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